Field Day

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise, encouraging emergency communications and preparedness among amateur radio operators. In the United States, it is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in the country, with over 30,000 operators participating each year.
Field Day stresses emergency preparedness. Frequently, entire radio clubs get involved and assemble a portable radio station in a field or park. Some might use quickly deployable portable antennas while others might erect more elaborate masts and towers supporting several antennas. Power from utility mains is not permitted. Generators, batteries and solar power provide electricity to amateur radio transmitters and receivers, which are typically located in tents, RVs, or other portable shelters.
Operations typically last a continuous twenty-four hours, requiring scheduled relief operators to keep stations on the air.
To determine the effectiveness of the exercise and of each group or club’s operations, there is an integrated contesting component. The contest aspect of a Field Day operating event is to contact as many stations as possible in the given time period.

Here are a few pics from a previous year’s field day event.