Studio A


Studio A
Primary operating position.


Below is my vintage WWII military operating position

Middle Left – Collins T47A/ART-13 Transmitter (used on B-17 and B-29 bombers)
Middle Right – Collins ATC Transmitter (early version of ART-13)
Bottom Right – BC-348-R Receiver
Top and Bottom Left – Home brew power supplies for Collins transmitters



Home brew power supply for aircraft transmitters – 1250 v/450 v 28 v

Toroidal power transformers for low and high voltage.
24 Volt 14 Amp regulated power supply for filaments and auto tune.

REA – AM Modulation Monitor
Great software/hardware modulation monitor for AM. Displays positive and negative modulation with classic meter, bar graphs and waveforms. Currently running on a Dell laptop monitoring modulation from my Collins ART-13 AM transmitter. Set up to display only when carrier is present, otherwise minimized, allowing display of Flex 1500 screen. Flex 1500 being used as companion receiver for ART-13.

REA Modulation Monitor Interface unit (small box right of keyboard). Connects to computer via USB cable and RF output coupler via 1/8 inch jack and cable.

REA RF coupler and “T” connector attached to antenna output connector on ART-13 transmitter.